The Vltava and its Islands

The Vltava has had immense significance for the development of Prague. For a long time, the city’s location on the river was important for trade and traffic. Through the good connection to the rest of Europe, Prague could become the splendid city it is today.

Even today,  the Vltava gives the capital a very special character. Both residents and visitors of Prague appreciate the river equally and it is the best place to discover the city.

The River and Boat trips

On the banks of the Vltava, there are many cozy cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy nice summer nights. Since many buildings are very old and almost built into the water in water, Prague is often referred to as the Venice on the Vltava. And how could you enjoy a city on the water better than by boat?

A tour is, as many other attractions in Prague, not very expensive and offers a number of sights: the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge and the Salon of Expo 58. Additionally, pedal boats can be rented. Both options allow you to enjoy a city panorama of a special kind.

Kampa Peninsula

The Kampa peninsula is the most romantic place in Prague and VirtualTourist awarded it to be the second most beautiful city island in the world. It lies in the Lesser Town and is separated from the shore by only a stream. Kampa is often compared to Venice for its old buildings. To discover there are quiet banks, which invite for walks, old water mills, and a small bridge for love locks.

Støelecký Island

Støelecký Island lies across the Charles Bridge. There are many restaurants and cafés to visit. On one end of the island, there is a small beach, which offers a particular nice view on the city.

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