U Fleků – Enjoying Beer for the last 500 Years

The largest brewery restaurant U Fleků has been brewing beer continuously for 500 years and continues to brew natural Czech beer for its customers in Prague. The U Fleků boasts eight halls and a garden with room for over 1200 guests and serves on average 2000 glasses of beer a day making it the perfect venue for big gatherings and parties.

For the casual customer or group, the U Fleků offers great atmosphere with its great halls and bier garden and the unique opportunity to taste U Fleků’s own historic brew.

Brewery Tour and Beer Tasting

The Flekovský Tmavý Ležák 13°, commonly known as the Flek Thirteen, is U Fleků’s signature historic brew served on its premises and nowhere else. Visitors may choose to go to the restaurant and drink the beer there or, if curious, check out the brewery tour.

The brewery tour takes around 45 minutes which includes a beer tasting, short videos and explanations on the brewing process followed by an actual visit to a brewhouse. In addition to the tour, on the 500th anniversary the brewery museum was also opened allowing visitors a chance to examine historic brewing technology and tools and the accompanying rooms and workplaces.

Restaurant with Bohemian Specialties

In addition to its beer and brewery related activities, the U Fleků serves old bohemian dishes as well as more modern options. Visitors can also choose to go to one of U Fleků various events such as the weekly show featuring old Prague songs, skits and beer competitions. Or U Fleků Cabaret show can be organized for groups with over 70 people. Open from Sunday to Saturday from 10 am to 11 pm, the U Fleků offers a great variety of options and unique experiences for groups of all sizes.

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Brewery Tours and Beer Tasting in Prague

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