Staropramen – Prague beer pleasure

The brewery Staropramen is the second largest beer producer in the Czech Republic. Beer has been brewed here since the 19th century, and today the brewery sells its beer throughout Europe and the United States. Visitors can enjoy a variety of offers at the visitor center, an in-house beer and a wide range of beer-related activities.

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Staropramen – the second largest beer producer

The first brewery was founded in Prague in September 1869 and for a long time it was called “The Pit”. The beer was already famous at that time, but the production became really successful only after Michal Trnka developed a new recipe and he became the local brewery manager. As a result, the volume of sold beer reached half a million hectoliters. After extensive refurbishment, the brewery became the largest in the Czech Republic in 1933 while the beer is still exported to 38 countries worldwide.

Visitor center of the brewery

At the visitor center, guests are taken on a time travel to discover the history of the brewery and how it is linked to the city. There is also a virtual tour and a bar in the visitor center, where the beer can be tasted. Furthermore, visitors get an insight into the laboratory and the brewery.

Finally, you have the opportunity to meet a master brewer to learn more about how the beer is made. The tour lasts about two hours and is intended for groups of 10 or more people. There is also the possibility to order a beer show including tasting and traditional Bohemian food.

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