A Short Trip to Prague – Tips for Preparation

The city has historically and culturally a lot to offer

Prague is not only the capital of the Czech Republic, but also the former capital of Bohemia and an imperial residence city of the Holy Roman Empire. The city has historically and culturally a lot to offer, and a visit to the Golden City is worthwhile. Here is a short trip guide with tips to consider before leaving.

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When to travel?

What’s true in many cities is true in Prague, too: the city is beautiful in every season and different seasons have different charm. It is important to know that the city is particularly busy on holidays such as Easter, Christmas and New Year’s. Then rooms in the city are significantly more expensive than usual. Even in summer it is a bit more expensive, but not extreme. In spring, when it is already warm or in autumn, Prague is not that crowded, and those seasons are certainly the most pleasant times to visit the city.

Where to stay?

It is not difficult to find accommodation in Prague. There are both very expensive luxury hotels as well as Air BnBs and even campgrounds. For short trips, of course, a central location might be the best choice. This is often described as Prague 1 on the internet and accommodation is accordingly more expensive. Those who prefer it quiet, but do not have problems with longer ways should look for Prague 2 and 3. These are located south of the old town, but have a quite original charm. Furthermore, you can walk to the Prague Castle in a maximum of 20 minutes.

How to come? How to go?

To travel to Prague, EU citizens need an identity card or, alternatively, a passport. Although the borders are open borders, there are regular controls. When traveling by car you need of course a driver’s license, and – unlike in other states – you have to drive always with light in the Czech Republic. Driving under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited. Parking in Prague is relatively difficult and you should visit a hotel with paid and guarded parking. In Prague, you should leave the car somewhere and explore the city by public transport.

The journey by other means of transport is also worthwhile: the cheapest is the long-distance bus, which stops near the old town. A car ride with others is often organized spontaneously and you will arrive at various places in the city. The easiest way is certainly the arrival by train or by plane. While the airport is located far outside of Prague, the train station is centrally located between the Old and the New Town.

The subways and trams run daily from 5 o’clock in the morning until 0 o’clock at night. In between, there is unfortunately no traffic. Ticket machines are only available at subway stations and not at bus stops.

What should I pay attention to?

– In Prague you do not pay with Euros but in Czech crowns. 100 crowns are about 3.60 Euros. The money should best be exchanged on beforehand due to high fees locally.

– It is forbidden to drink outside of restaurants. So do not take your beer to go if you want to party!

– Prices are often a bit cheaper than in the rest of Europe. However, tourists are sometimes made pay more than locals. Therefore, always ask for a menu with prices and do not let yourself be fooled.

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Blick auf den Pulverturm

The Powder Tower (Prašná brána) – The gate to the old town