Prague Vlog by Making it Happen with Interesting Tips

The Vloggers Mike and Nelly from Making it Happen visit “The Golden City”, Prague, capturing some of their travel experiences with the camera. In it their vlog they describe, among other things, the best tips for a weekend trip to Prague and their favorite cafes and restaurants.

Brunnen in der Prager Burg
Brunnen CC0 Pixabay

Good coffee makes better lunch

On the first day, Nelly and Mike first test their knowledge of the city and include some interesting facts about Prague. For a long time it served as the capital of Bohemia, it is the 14th largest city in Europe, and the Czechs have the highest per capita consumption of beer in Europe. At first, they are looking for beautiful coffee shops in the old town and will soon find something: the Spirit Café makes beautiful little decorations in the milk foam and also gives tips for lunch.

In the small butchery Nase Maso, Mike and Nelly eat fresh meat and homemade sausages with bread. This concept is so popular in Prague that they even have to stand in line to get their food. The idea of ​​asking Baristas for tips about lunch is one of her tricks for city trips: good baristas are mostly foodies and know about good places in the city.

Wine tasting with shooting

Finally, Mike tries a fancy time-lapse shoot on the Old Town Square. From there it goes into the old town and to some wine tasting with cheese specialties. Back at the hotel later in the evening, however, they realize that you could also get wine from the vending machine in the hotel and do so immediately afterwards. An eventful short trip to Prague comes to an end.

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Brunnen in der Prager Burg

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