The Prague-Metro – Underground

This is nothing for people with claustrophobia. The visitors of Prague can notice it immediately: the Prague Metro is extremely deep “underground”. Due to the conditions of the ground, many stations in the city center had to be built very far underground, creating the characteristic seemingly endless escalators.

The station Náměstí Míru is even the deepest metro station of the European Union with a depth of 53m.

Lights in the underground
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The metro lines

Currently there are three metro lines in Prague. The green line A leads from the district Motol to the southeast to Depo Hostivař. The yellow line B is the longest of the metro lines in Prague and runs from southwest to northeast. The green line C makes an arc along the Vltava at the beginning and then leads from west to east.

Currently, a new line D is planned to further relieve the traffic situation of the city.

 Construction of the subway and flood

Although there were first attempts for a subway in 1898, the people of Prague had to wait until the 1960s for the subway to be actually built. Again and again, planning and construction were delayed by historical events such as the First, Second, and Cold War. However, the traffic situation in the city worsened rapidly, so that the construction of the metro eventually became indispensable. Finally, the first line was opened in May 1974.

The 2002 flood depleted the city’s entire metro network for a full two months. 17 stations and all three lines were damaged, resulting in a total damage of about 230 million euros.

Using the Prague-Metro

As in many European cities, the subway runs about every 2-3 minutes at peak times and about every 5-10 minutes during the rest of the day. The subway runs from 5am in the morning until midnight.

The tickets are available at supermarkets, kiosks, vending machines, or on your mobile phone. The metro system is open and you do not need to show the ticket at the entrance of the station, but there are regular ticket controls on the trains.

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Lights in the underground

Die Prager Metro – U-Bahn

The National Theatre by night

The National Theater (Národní Divadlo)