Pivovarský dům – Brewery House Praha

The brewery is located near Karlsplatz

The microbrewery Pivovarský dům, which opened in 1998 is also a restaurant and a pub at the same time. The specialty of this brewery is the unimaginable variety of beers, which is why the brewery has enjoyed great popularity already since shortly after its opening. On the menu you can find traditional Czech dishes and rarities such as beer soup. The brewery is located near Karlsplatz and therefore very easy to find even for visitors who are new to Prague.

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8 Beers are brewed in Pivovarský dům

Eight different beers are brewed in the pots of the Pivovarský dům, which form the largest part of the facility. Štěpán, the brewery’s classic lager, is available in a light and dark version. In addition, exceptional beers such as coffee and nettle beer can be enjoyed. The cherry beer, which is served with a compote cherry, is another rarity. It does surprisingly not taste sweeter than other beers and only the last sip is consumed with the served cherry.

The coffee beer, on the other hand, enjoys great popularity with female guests. The as “unusual” advertised wheat beer is classic white beer, which, contrary to the general idea, was originally typical of Bohemia and not of Germany. Also special are the beer champagne Šamp and the newly added beer of the month.

Many of the offered beers can be found nowhere else and the guests can expect a variety of drinks that is rare even in Prague. The dishes range from mushrooms with beer batter coating to beer goulash to classic Bohemian dumplings. The menu offers the best of Czech cuisine without exaggerated prices.

Brewery Tour and Beer Tasting

For interested guests there is a brewery tour followed by a beer tasting. One of the owners explains a bit about the art of brewing and how the in-house beer is made from hops and malt. On the tour you can taste up to six beers and if you prefer something to still the hunger, you can also choose the second variant of the tour.

In addition to the brewery tour, you will also be served a plate with sausage and cheese topping.

Arrival and location:

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