Pivovarský Club – Incredible amounts of beer

If you look at the outer facade of the club, you will hardly expect that such a good pub is hidden behind it. But it’s worth it, because the idea behind the concept is simple: While in many places you have a large selection of exclusive dishes, but only a single beer can be added to it, Here, you can choose from up to 250 types of bottled beer to enjoy with your meal.

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Pivovarský klub – varieties of beer

In addition to the many types of bottled beer, there are also six tapped beers. Furthermore, there are rich meals such as Wiener schnitzel or South Bohemian dishes. But the guest can also try unusual things such as kangaroo or ostrich. There are also vegetarian variations that are actually quite rare in the Czech Republic.

Of course, the beer is much more interesting though. This is already shown by the only decoration in the otherwise rustic interior: Old brewery equipment hangs in the window and makes you want to taste the different varieties of beer. The simple shelves are filled with all sorts of beer. One should not be deterred by the environment and the decor.

Although the Pivovarský club is surrounded by the most beautiful part of Prague, the facade is gray and the glasses have already seen a few guests, the beers are of exceptionally good quality and beer lovers will definitely spend their money well. This is also shown by the popularity of the club: it is open the whole week from 11:30 to 23:30 and in the early evening it is often quite full. On the website, the different beers are presented and the tap beer is counted. In addition, there is an “Offer of the day” and a lunch menu every day. This club offers a very special experience to beer lovers.

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