Old Town Square- The most visited Square of Prague

Starting as a marketplace in the 11th century, the Old Town Square became one of the most significant squares in the country in 12th century. The Old Town Square continues its significant role today as one of the most visited tourist locations in the Czech Republic.

The square offers the opportunity to visit numerous historical sites, restaurants and a variety of street vendors. At the centre of the Old Town Square stands the Jan Hus Memorial depicting one of the most significant historical Czech figures.

Attractions at the Old Town Square

Amongst the historical sites, the major ones include the Old Town Hall. Founded in 1338, it was one of the first of its kind, which later in the 15th century saw the addition of the astronomical clock. The astronomical clock was a technological miracle at the time and has been a wonderous tourist attraction for centuries. In addition to the town hall, the square includes the Church of Our Lady before Týn, which boasts a beautiful viewpoint over the city that took nearly 200 years to build in the 16th century. Another scenic site is the St. Nicholas church, which contains magnificent marble altars and sculptures as well as the remnants of a previously burned down church in the basement. These are just some of the more famous sites present, it is recommended to reserve a lot of time in order to explore the whole square.

one of the best places to visit

The Old Town Square is open all day and night to everyone and no tickets are necessary to visit. Festive occasions such as Christmas bring a make over to the square, which includes different Christmas vendors on the street as well. The Old Town Square is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Prague with its dense inclusion of historical monuments and sites as well as the incredible atmosphere present.

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