The Old Royal Palace at Prague Castle

The Old Royal Palace was once the ruling seat of the Bohemian kings. It was built in 1135 in the right part of Prague Castle, just above the Wall Gardens, and served its original purpose until the 16th century. Even today you can visit the palace and gain an impression of bygone times.

Today, mainly state ceremonies are held in the Old Royal Palace, and, among other things, the presidential elections take place there. The palace also serves as the seat of the president.

Vladislav Hall and Bohemian Chancellery

The most sumptuous room of the palace is the Vladislav Hall, which was built in the 15th century. It is the largest ballroom in Europe and has a length of 60m and a height of 15m. The Vladislav Hall has no pillars but only a supporting vault and was used for many different purposes: there were gatherings, jousting tournaments and coronations.

You can also visit the Bohemian Chancellery. There on May  23rd 1618, the famous second defenestration of Prague took place, which is considered one of the triggers of the Thirty Years’ War. The Catholic governors were overthrown by insurgent Protestants and thrown out of the window of the Bohemian Chancellery.

The ticket is included in the price for a visit to the Prague Castle. It can be visited every day from 9:00am to 16:00 in the winter or until 17:00 in the summer.

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