Insider tips off the beaten tracks and stays at hostels

Prague from a Perspektive that not all tourists get to see.

Discovering Prague off the beaten tracks can be very exciting. Unusual sights and uncrowded streets are not only nice for those who have walked over the Charles Bridge for the fourteenth time and want to see something new, but also for those who want to discover the city for the first time and get to know Prague from a Perspektive that not all tourists get to see.

Ausblick vom Letna Park auf Prag
Letná Park CC0 Pixabay


Central location without tourists

The Lucerna Passage near Wenceslas Square is actually a shopping arcade in the middle of the city center. There are many shops and a cinema in it. The architecture is particularly impressive, which reminds visitors of the twenties. Also interesting is the statue of St. Wenceslas on the dead horse of David Černý.

East of the castle lies the Letná Park. Anyone who previously thought that Prague Castle has a magnificent view over Prague will be surprised by Letná Park. From there you can see the entire old town and especially the many bridges in Prague. If you take a little walk, you will come to the metronome, a sculpture that was built in 1991, where there used to be a statue of Stalin. A bit further down lies the beer garden with the most beautiful view over the city, where you can drink good beer in plastic cups and get in contact with the young Prague.

In addition, there are numerous small pubs with beer from unknown breweries. For tasting, there are, for example, coffee and banana flavor. And if you cannot decide where to go to, you can take the tram through the city until you find something interesting. With a tram ticket you can get on and off as often as you want.

Outside and yet in the middle – Insider Tips

Bleší Trhy is the largest flea market in the Czech Republic and takes place every Saturday and Sunday from 7am till 2pm. You can reach the old industrial estate from the Hloubětín station – there are shuttle buses that go there directly. There are hardly any tourists on the market, but a lot of interesting things. In addition to car tires and antiques you can find some valuable stuff for little money. In any case, you should arrive early, because some stands close at 12:30.
The old castle Vyšehrad is located above the southern New Town and attracts surprisingly few visitors. There is a magnificent old cemetery, old churches and a lot of history to discover. Also, a medieval festival takes place regularly.

Outside the city, visitors can be in the midst of the mountains in less than half an hour. Especially in autumn, in the wooded hills of the Divoka Sarka, you can take wonderful walks or mountain bike tours.

The most extraordinary hostels

Miss Sophie’s Hostel in Prague is already famous. Voted the best Boutique Hostel in Prague by the Guardian, guests can enjoy not only their own apartment, but also a special breakfast, where they are asked for special wishes and prepare everything fresh.

Somewhat less exclusively, but with a very good atmosphere, you will find yourself staying at the Mosaic House Hostel, where a cover band provides a good atmosphere in the evening. This design hostel has also been popular for a long time.

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Blick auf den Pulverturm

The Powder Tower (Prašná brána) – The gate to the old town

Pivovarský Club – Incredible amounts of beer