Brewery Tours and Beer Tasting in Prague

Experts teach beer enthusiasts more about the different tastes and preparations

The microbreweries of the Czech Republic are currently experiencing an enourmous boom. Nowadays tourists of the city of Prague can enjoy countless different small and large breweries, which make the beer variety of the country more colorful and rich. On brewery tours, experts teach beer enthusiasts more about the different tastes and preparations of various beers.

Naturally, these beers can also be tasted. To do so, you can get delicious Czech food or eat the typical chips as a snack in most breweries in Prague.


Brewery Pivovarský dům

The brewery Pivovarský dům is one of the smaller breweries in Prague and has been brewing its own beer since the 1990s. In addition to classic lager beer, there are also beers with banana, coffee, or cherry flavor. For a group tour of eight people or more you can choose whether you want to experience a guided tour with a beer tasting or a beer tasting and a Bohemian meal.

Staropramen brewery – Beer Tasting

Beer has been brewed in the Staropramen Brewery since 1869 and its lager is one of the most famous in the Czech Republic. Today, the brewery even has a visitor center where you can get to know the history of the brewery on a 35-minute tour. In the various rooms audiovisual elements support the exhibition and in the end visitors can also taste a mug of beer in the pub of the brewery.

U Fleků – The oldest brewery in Central Europe

In U Fleků, beer has been brewed continuously for more than 500 years, which makes it the oldest brewery in Central Europe. It has a pub that can accommodate up to 1,200 visitors and has already hosted some celebrities. In addition, interested visitors can visit the brewery museum.

Guided tours are available in many different languages ​​and guides show visitors the original brewery. Of course, you do not only get a taste of the beer, but also the film project included in the tour and a small souvenir at the end of the tour.

Strahov monastery

The Strahov Monastery near Prague Castle is not only known for its beautiful library hall. Already in the 13th and 14th century beer was brewed here and today you can visit the brewery on three different guided tours. Although today’s brewery has been in operation since 2000 only, the monastery looks back on an eventful history – at least as far as beer is concerned.

The house beer can be tasted with or without a snack, while the staff of the brewery tells their guests about the history of hops and malt. A three-course menu can also be selected.

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Beer Tours in Prague

U Fleků – Enjoying Beer for the last 500 Years