Beer Tours in Prague

Czech beer is famous throughout the world. In the capital city of Prague you can experience the art of brewing and the variety of beer the best. While pubs and nightlife promise a special experience, beer tasting on organized beer tours is even more exclusive. On brewery tours you get an insight into the flourishing brewery landscape of Prague and learn a lot about the art of brewing at the same time.

Breweries and Beer Culture

The tours are often offered in different languages. For example, BeerPrague’s “Prague Brewery Tour” is available in English, Spanish, Russian and German. Often a fixed number of beers and some food are included in the price. On the three to five hour- tours participants are taken to local breweries, pubs and tourist attractions. The aim is to introduce guests to both local beer culture and knowledge of the history of the city in general.

Beer Tours in Prague

Often the organizers advertise to show particularly original sites of Prague and less of the big well-known brands, but smaller individual initiatives. Urban Adventure also offers an introduction to Bohemian lifestyle, stories from different eras of the city and urban legends.

If you prefer to visit larger breweries, you will find several options, too. Pissup, for example, offers a tour of Prague’s largest brewery. Again, beers are included and food is served during the tasting. This tour is also great for bachelor parties. The Microbrewery Tour, on the other hand, is dedicated to Prague’s brewery history, while you can taste both craft beer and the most famous beer in the Czech Republic.

Brewery Museum in the U Fleků Brewery

The brewery U Fleků, which has existed for over 500 years, even has its own brewery museum, which exhibits the old equipment of the brewery. So visitors can look at old tools and vessels and get an impression of how beer was brewed a few hundred years ago.

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Pivovarský dům – Brewery House Praha

Brewery Tours and Beer Tasting in Prague