How to avoid nasty surprises in Prague

Prague is known to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The so-called Golden City offers countless attractions for travelers and counts more than 7 million tourists annually. However, to make your stay a pleasant one, travelers should keep a few tips in mind. Already a tiny bit of knowledge helps to easily avoid disappointment.

Prague at night CC0 Pixabay

Changing money without thinking

Strange characters often approach tourists in the city center of Prague. They offer to exchange Euro in Czech crowns. However, the changed money are usually not actually Czech crowns and the payment with the currency is punishable. Therefore, you should avoid changing money on the street. The fees in the exchange offices can be quite high, too. Therefore, it makes sense to either change before traveling, or to pull Czech crowns at the machine.

Not showing respect for local culture

If you travel to another country and expect people to speak the your own language there, you will often be disappointed. Although many people in Prague understand German, you should first try English or learn some Czech sentences. For those who simply switch to German show an inappropriate expectation of the inhabitants of Prague to abandon their mother tongue. The situation is similar when you confuse the Czech Republic with Chechnya. If you do not know which country Prague is in, you should definitely check this before traveling.

Disregard Prague “traffic rules”

You should never just park somewhere. Although Prague is not a particularly criminal city, it is true that thieves like to go to unguarded cars. Thankfully, there are plenty of parking garages and secure parking spots. Also, you should not just get into taxis that do not belong to big companies like AAA and City Taxi. Often the taximeters are manipulated in the unknown cars and you pay unnecessarily much. Should you have forgotten to buy a tram ticket or crossed a red traffic light, bribery is not recommended. Anyone who thinks that such “little things” can be regulated with a bit of money is wrong and can even be sued for bribery.

Avoid boring tours in the center

Prague has many alternative tours to the standard information-packed walks. There are artistic tours in the alternative quarters of Prague, which can even be paid with Bitcoin. Often you get to see the thriving student scene of Prague and experience a lot more authenticity than in the crowded center. In addition, the prices outside the tourist resorts are significantly cheaper and you get good Prague food for a small price.

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