5 Tips for a Short Trip to Prague

Prague is a wonderful destination for a city trip: the Old Town is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, dozens of bridges provide a magnificent view of the center and culture is everywhere. It’s hard to explore everything the city has to offer. In order see as much of Prague as possible in a short time, there is a bit of good advice here:

Abendstimmung in Geschäftsstraße
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  1. Bridges Bridges, Bridges

Prague is divided into two parts: The Vltava separates the Old Town from the New Town. Since there is a lot to see on both sides, one will not be able to avoid using the bridges. The most magnificent of them is the Charles Bridge (Karlsbrücke). From there, one has is a beautiful view over the city and the castle. Even some artists ,who offer their goods on the bridge, might join you to enjoy the view. 

  1. Josefstadt – The Jewish Quarter

The Jews of the city lived for a long time in Josefstadt. While today, the most expensive street in Prague, Pariser Straße, is located in this neighborhood and does not show much of history, there are still many testimonies of Jewish culture. A visit at the Jewish Museum, the synagogues and the Old Cemetery is especially recommended. Attention: Saturday, these sites are closed because of Sabbath. 

  1. Walk by Foot

This mode of transport does not only save money, you also get to see a lot more from the city than if you use the subway. Especially the tracks off the beaten path are quieter and less stressful. The path between Wenceslas Square and the Old Town Square, the lanes in the so-called Lesser Town, as well as everything around the Hradschin Hill with the Prague Castle are especially suitable for these walks. 

  1. Good Viewpoints

Particularly good views over the city are from the tower at the Old Town Hall and from the Nicholas Church on the Lesser Town. The former is right on the Old Town Square, where there are many magnificent buildings, and painters, musicians and other street performers contribute to the cozy city life. There is also a lift. The Church of St. Nicholas is one of the most beautiful buildings of the Baroque and has not only a beautiful view, but also an impressive interior: ceiling frescoes and huge statues offer a spectacular scenery for visitors. Finally, one also has a wonderful view over the city from the Prague Castle.

  1. Good Food and Drinks

The Golden City, as Prague is also known, should definitely be enjoyed. While the Czech cuisine does not yet have a world-class rank, it is still extremely good. A few traditional restaurants also offer good fresh food for little money. Good beer is much easier to find. This does not come as a surprise, where the Czechs even drink 70 liters more beer a year than the Germans. However, most of the authentic pubs are outside the center.

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Abendstimmung in Geschäftsstraße

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