5 Secret Tips and Tourist Traps in Prague

From the best place for picnics to the common traps for visitors of the city: Here are some tips for Prague that are rarely found in tourist guides.

Anblick Karlsbrücke und Altstätter Brückenturm von der Moldau aus gesehen
Karlsbrücke CC0 Pixabay

The nicest corner for a picnic

Prokopské údolí is a nature protection area in the southwest of Prague. The local rocks were once used for a quarry. Today you have a wonderful view over the city from the steep slopes. Caves are also to be found. A very romantic spot to spread out the picnic blanket and enjoy the view.

Prague’s best wine

Although in the Czech Republic it is more common to frink beer than wine, in the center there is a very good wine bar with an offer of beers from all over Europe. Bokovka is the name of the bar and it offers tastings, cheese, sausages and olives. Incidentally, artists founded it.

The best jazz clubs

Even Bill Clinton once performed with his saxophone in one of the jazz clubs in Prague. While playing in the Reduta, the AghaRTA is particularly popular today. Of course, the program determines the quality of the club: Those who are not familiar with this, often pay up to 15 € admission without being offered good music. Therefore be sure to inform yourself in advance!

Trap: black light theater

Tickets cost € 20 and the crowd is a collection of tourists. One can save the entrance into one of the black light theaters, since the conceptions are not particularly special and cause initial admiration only because of the colorful effects. The employed acrobats make some colorful figures, but leave no lasting impression.

The organic shop for a break in between

The Bio Zahrada even has its own small “organic garden” and offers only organic products. There are salads, sandwiches, and soups. And in good weather you can sit outside. The prices are -untypical for ecological quality- particularly cheap. From 3 € onwards you can get a small breakfast.

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Anblick Karlsbrücke und Altstätter Brückenturm von der Moldau aus gesehen

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